Elk NetworkWeigh In on Future of Elk Hunting in Wyoming

General | April 27, 2018

The Wyoming Game and Fish Commission wants to know what you think about elk hunting in Wyoming. Over the past several months it heard different opinions on whether the system and percentage split of licenses between residents and nonresidents should stay the same or be altered. Now the Wyoming Game and Fish Department is inviting people to come and learn more about the existing system and talk about license allocation without any proposed changes on the table. Game and Fish will also take any other comments on licensing for future consideration.  

“We hope people will come and offer their thoughts and learn more about Wyoming’s licensing system and how the funds that are generated by big game licenses support wildlife management. Our upcoming meetings are designed to foster discussions about all big game license allocations. So, join us and share your thoughts with Game and Fish personnel. Comments are also welcome online if you can’t attend a public meeting,” said Doug Brimeyer, deputy chief of the Wildlife Division.

Right now, the system allocates licenses differently for nonresidents and residents. 

Go here for more information and a schedule of upcoming public meetings.

(Image source: Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife)