Elk NetworkWolves Causing Livestock Depredations in Wisconsin

General | August 22, 2018

August is a tough time for cattle ranchers in northwest Wisconsin. Wolves killed three calves and three hunting dogs in July and another two calves as of early August.

A wildlife biologist with the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resource says this time of year is difficult for ranchers because cows are on the range and wolves are raising pups.

Wisconsin has a wolf population estimated at 950 which is more than 50 percent above objective levels. Wolf populations in the Great Lakes region are currently under federal protections. The Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation supports state-based management of wolves just as it supports state-based management of elk, deer and all other wildlife.

“If the dog next door comes over and starts harassing my cattle, I can shoot that dog, but a wolf, I can’t,” Mark Liebaert, farmer and Douglas County Board chairman, told the Superior Telegram. “That’s crazy.”

(Photo source: Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources)