Elk NetworkWork Continues to Conserve Wildlife Winter Range, Migration Corridors

General | November 26, 2018

State agencies are working to implement goals set forth by the Department of Interior to conserve migration corridors and winter range across 11 western states used by elk, mule deer and other wildlife species.

Each state outlined priorities which resulted in an action plan that identifies the highest priority winter ranges, migration corridors and stopover areas for wildlife. Congress approved the action that includes funding for research and habitat stewardship work.

“Healthy and protected migration corridors are essential to the future of a wide range of big-game species across the West,” said Jeff Trandahl, National Fish and Wildlife Foundation executive director and CEO. “By working closely with our partners at the Department of the Interior, and with the support of ConocoPhillips, we will expand funding opportunities for conservation projects that will make a real difference for these big game species.”

Find more details about the effort here.

(Phot source: Wyoming Migration Initiative)