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Gear 101 | January 14, 2019

Whether you’re chasing bugling bulls in September with a bow in hand or glassing elk in October with a rifle in your pack, there is always a need for a solid shooting rest. Elk hunting can offer a wide variety of shot opportunities, from 10 yds to 500 yds and greater. Having a solid rest is critical for accurate shot placement. It prevents shaking from adrenaline, physical demand or off-handed shots and ensures when you do pull the trigger the least of your worries is where your crosshairs land. Using optics, spotting scopes or binoculars, a successful hunt requires a rest with easy pan and tilt adjustment to cover areas effectively without the headache.

Bog-Pod® tripods are designed to accommodate the physical demands of even the most experienced elk hunters. The tripod platform can adjust from a solid shooting rest to a spotting scope or binocular-adaptable platform. Our patented SWITCHEROO® stem allows for that multiuse function in a matter of seconds. The short Bog-Pod tripod can lay prone for those long-distance shots, but remains just as steady when fully extended to 42”.

Anyone who has chased elk up a mountain knows that weight matters. At just 32 ounces and 16” folded, the short Bog-Pod tripod is ideal to fit in your pack without feeling the weight or bulk of other rests. Our tall tripod easily adjusts to accommodate shooting and glassing positions from sitting, kneeling to standing, weighing only 40 ounces. Bog-Pod also offers a Binocular Rest, a Pistol Grip Ball head and a Wide Body shooting platform for additional stability, making this accessory line the most versatile of any shooting rests on the market.

Bog-Pod products are built to withstand any abuse western hunting can bring. They are designed by obsessed hunters, for the obsessed hunters, to help you be successful when it’s your shot on the line.