Elk NetworkAlberta Elk Nabs Title as World Record Non-Typical Bull

General | March 26, 2021

Three years passed from the first time someone saw a stealthy yet massive bull elk in central Alberta until an arrow brought it to the ground. Once Shawn O’Shea got his hands on it, he realized how large it truly was.

O’Shea’s bull officially measured 449 4/8 inches, good enough to claim the Pope and Young world record for a non-typical elk.

“I then set up in a ground blind near a frequently used trail with fresh sign. Eventually the bull appeared to my left at only 30 yards, seemingly planning his next move,” said O’Shea. “He stood for three to five minutes, with the wind in my favor. In a compromising position, I waited until a draw would not spook the bull. He then closed the gap to 18 yards, and I was able to draw and make the shot count.”

It happened in Minburn County, Alberta, approximately 80 miles due east of Edmonton.

O’Shea’s bull surpassed the previous world record by 7 4/8 inches.

(Photo source:  Pope and Young Club)