Elk NetworkApply Now to Hunt Wyoming Hunter Management Areas

General | July 13, 2018

If you’re one of the many hunters forming plans to head to a Wyoming Game and Fish Department (WGFD) Hunter Management Area (HMA) this fall, it’s time to apply for permission slips. Applications for HMAs open July 9. As many hunters know, a successful hunting season begins long before heading afield. Securing permission for access is one of the most important planning steps.

HMAs are typically private ranches where WGFD has agreed to manage hunting access. These properties may include portions of various ranches as well as intermixed leased and state lands within the boundary.

“We are fortunate and appreciate the access provided by landowners throughout Wyoming,” said Jason Sherwood, WGFD access coordinator for the Laramie region.

All hunters who wish to hunt HMAs must obtain printed permission slips. Each HMA has different rules, so hunters need to take time and carefully review the individual HMA Ranch Rules for information on the species that can be hunted, hunt areas within the HMA, number of permission slips available, when and how permission slips are allocated, as well as any other conditions of access.

Go here to apply and for other information.

(Photo source: Wyoming Game and Fish Department)