Elk NetworkBe Smart, Considerate When Shed Hunting

General | March 31, 2018

With the winter snowpack giving way to warmer springtime temperatures, tis the season for many outdoorsmen and women to head for the hills and forests in search of antler sheds. Wildlife officials urge shed hunters to be responsible as they do so.

“Wintering big game animals are very susceptible to any kind of disturbance whether it is from passing motorists, domestic dogs or shed hunters in late winter and early spring,” Daryl Meints, Idaho Department of Fish and Game deer and elk coordinator, told the Messenger-Index. “There’s growing concern over shed hunters putting additional stress on wintering big game in many areas of the state.”

Biologists emphasize that even though this winter has been mild in many locations, some adults and many young animals may be struggling to survive the season. They suggest shed hunters be wise if they see wildlife in order to not cause undue stress.