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Volunteer News | August 14, 2012

Big Time Crashes Elk Camp 

By Jimmy Big Time

It was a proud moment for me when I was invited to be the honored guest at the RMEF’s Elk Camp and Expo. With sleeping bag and whittled marshmallow stick in hand, I set forth to the campsite in Reno, Nevada. Much to my dismay Elk Camp was not, in fact, a camp at all, but a convention. Reno is not a million-acre private ranch loaded with monster bulls, but a sprawling city full of bright lights and casinos. Fortunately after three hours of whining and expletives, I was able to shift on the fly, adapt and overcome, and adjust my sights to focus on the adoring fans who had congregated to see Jimmy Big Time.
Elk Camp was everything I eventually came to imagine it would be and more. The Big Time/RMEF faithful are a high class of people who respected me enough to give me room to roam the floor without being mobbed. In fact, the masses made every attempt to act as if they did not even know who I was, though we all know that is impossible.   

The convention itself was almost as big time as Big Time. From the hundreds of exhibitors displaying their wares, to the evening events celebrating the achievements of the volunteers, it was stunning to see the commitment to the cause of conserving wildlife habitat and the future of our hunting heritage. Without RMEF and its volunteers, it is likely that I would be an incredibly talented outdoorsman roaming the woods chasing ghosts. A sincere and heartfelt thank you to each and every volunteer who has contributed to the Elk Foundation’s success. I applaud you.

If you are opposed to good folks and great fun, it may be wise to avoid next year’s Elk Camp, held February 2-4 in Las Vegas. And, most certainly, avoid the Wyoming volunteers–who are just plain nuts!

Jimmy Big Time, a legend in his own mind, hosts the series “Jimmy Big Time” on the Outdoor Channel.