Elk NetworkBull Elk Ends Up On Rooftop In British Columbia

General | February 10, 2018

It was not the pitter patter of reindeer hooves up on her rooftop but the clomping around of a much larger elk. That’s right, a young bull found its way to the peak of a homeowner’s roof in Castlegar, a small town in south-central British Columbia approximately 500 miles straight east of Vancouver.

“Most of the houses down here are built into banks. Our houses are lower in the front than they are in the back, so my carport roof, in the back, is maybe only three feet off the ground and then with the snow there it’s an easy leap for him to get up there,” Karen Wenger, told the Langley Advance.

Wenger says elk around her place are nothing new. This one’s been hanging around feasting on her backyard shrubs but in her words, “we’ve never had one that’s made himself at home like this one.”

(Photo source: Karen Wenger)