Elk NetworkBull Elk, Mule Deer Buck Freed from Entanglements in Colorado, Idaho

General | October 21, 2021

It’s a situation wildlife officers face all too often. An animal is tangled up in some sort of man-made product and needs assistance to be freed.

It recently happened in the small community of Genesee, Colorado, about 20 miles west of Denver. A young bull elk got caught up in some netting and made a mess of the yard trying to escape. Colorado Parks and Wildlife officers answered a call, tranquilized the elk, removed the netting and the animal returned to the wild. Go here to see additional photos.

Things were a little different, somewhat rodeo-like in Pocatello, Idaho, where a young mule deer buck got its antlers tangled in a hammock and ran in circles around a tree trying to get away. Two Idaho Fish and Game personnel bravely approached and tackled the buck, holding it while another cut the twisted, knotted ropes from the antlers. Once freed, the deer ran off although its antlers bobbed loosely because of its struggle with the hammock. Go here to see a video of the rescue.

Wildlife officials urge homeowners wherever they live in big game country, to remove items from their land that may cause issues for wildlife.

(Photo source: Colorado Parks and Wildlife)