Elk NetworkCalving Season = Keep Your Distance

Conservation | July 2, 2017

‘Tis the season of new life. Cows are dropping their calves all across elk country and that may lead to conflict or occasional injury.

Case in point is what recently happened in Estes Park, Colorado—a well-known hangout for elk. A photographer snapped a photo of a bicyclist that wanted to keep peddling on a paved trail but a cow elk would have none of it. The face-to-face showdown reportedly took place for 20 minutes before the bicyclist turned around and headed the opposite direction.

Even though newborn calves are spotted and scentless to avoid predators, cows can become quite territorial if they feel their offspring is threatened. Wildlife biologists urge people that happen to come across newborn elk or any other species to keep their distance and try to avoid any type of confrontation.

(Photo credit: Jim Ward/Estes Park News)