Elk NetworkCanadian Ranger Mauled by Grizzly Bear

General | July 20, 2018

A 500-pound grizzly bear jumped a Canadian park ranger just outside his home in Bella Coola, British Columbia, about 275 miles northwest of Vancouver. It knocked him down, repeatedly bit him and then picked him up again. In the end, it ripped off part of his scalp and ear.

Jordan Carbery heard a noise outside his home early in the morning and went to investigate. He saw some cubs in a tree and then a female grizzly attacked.

“I instantly turned and tried to get back to the house. I was only 40 feet out of the house,” Carbery told the Express Digest. “All of a sudden I just got tackled from behind and sent flying.”

Carbery somehow drove himself to the hospital to recieve treatment.

(Photo source: BC Parks)