Elk NetworkChildress: Be a Hunting/Fishing Mentor

General | July 2, 2017

Richard Childress knows a thing or two about winning. And he’s urging others to join him in a winning effort.

The owner of Richard Childress Racing and a 2017 inductee into the NASCAR Hall of Famer, Childress is the honorary chairman of National Hunting and Fishing Day. His message is a simple one.

“If you are a sportsman or an angler, the number one thing we want everyone to do is be a mentor to someone on National Hunting and Fishing Day,” said Childress. “Let’s go out and make the commitment to take someone out on this day and be a mentor.”

Childress is an avid elk hunter and a dedicated conservationist. He is also a RMEF life member and has close ties with several other conservation groups as well.

National Hunting and Fishing Day is September 23, 2017.

(Left to right: RMEF Regional Director Chris Croy, Richard Childress, RMEF Development Officer Gary West)