Elk NetworkElk Fever III

RMEF Films | August 14, 2019

The legacy of Elk Fever all started in September 1986. Larry D. Jones, Dwight Schuh, and Larry’s son, Steven Jones, and cameraman Neil Rodgers hunted Oregon and Idaho for 40 days and captured elk and elk hunting footage. After the season’s countless miles in elk country, Larry labored over 100 hours to edit and produce Elk Fever.

His vision for Elk Fever was to share the adventure of hunting elk with a bow and arrow in God’s great mountains.

The deep friendship and hunting adventures Larry shared with Dwight Schuh over the last 4 decades has influenced Larry’s elk hunting passion more than anyone. Dwights’s participation in Elk Fever and Elk Fever II video’s, his book “Bugling for Elk” and sharing his elk adventures in Bowhunter Magazine, and now Elk Fever III has created a burning desire in scores of hunters to hunt and call these majestic elk. Dwight died, February 5, 2019 after fighting multiple Myeloma for years, but his passion is still alive through his writings, Elk Fever, Elk Fever II and Elk Fever III.

Now almost 30 years later, we as elk hunters want to celebrate those who have began their journey and finished it, leaving us with a greater passion for the outdoors and all we have to cherish with elk hunting. Elk Fever III is a tribute to the Elk Fever legacy and all the more to elk hunters alike.

RMEF and Yeti are honored to present the final film, Elk Fever III by CANA, for all who cherish the adventure of elk hunting.

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