Elk NetworkElk Freed from Hammock, Child’s Swing

General | October 11, 2021

Tis the season that elk can find themselves in all kinds of predicaments. Facing down a rival bull during the rut is one thing, but this young bull elk found itself on the losing end of a duel with a hammock and a swing set to the point that it could barely move.

It happened in Youbou, a small town on Vancouver Island about 80 miles west of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

Officers with the British Columbia Officer Conservation Service got a call and arrived to help. They could not get close enough to remove the entanglements so they tranquilized the animal. After untangling its antlers, the elk eventually regained its senses and wandered back into the woods.

Conservation officers say this is the third time an elk ran into similar problems in the last month in British Columbia. They remind residents to secure hammocks, netting or other items that could cause problems for elk, deer or other wildlife.

(Photo source: British Columbia Officer Conservation Service)