Elk NetworkFemale Hunter Vilified Across the Pond

General | December 6, 2017

The Daily Mail, a London-based newspaper known for its sensationalized reporting, published images from an American woman’s Instagram page, evoking a barrage of negative and flagrant comments from readers.

Nikki Tate is an attorney from Texas who enjoys spending time afield with her husband and friends. She portrays herself as “proud to be a hunter.”

“We pride ourselves in only taking ethical shots, and work hard to make sure that it happens. Hunting helps maintain animal populations at levels that are compatible with human life/activity,” she is quoted in the Daily Mail. “For example, hogs are insanely overpopulated and can cause serious damage to agricultural products, fields, and other vegetation, which can harm livestock. We also hunt coyotes and bobcats for purposes of predator control.”

Tate hopes others will respect her beliefs even if they disagree with her. She says she has received death threats but “will continue to share my story and shed a positive light on hunting and the reasons behind it.”

The Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation stands behind Tate and all those who advocate for and participate in legal, ethical hunting.