Elk NetworkGame Wardens Pull All-Nighter, Save Bull Elk

General | October 18, 2018

There is working hard at your job and then there’s the type of dedication shown by two game wardens in the Pacific Northwest. Because of the passion for their work and the wildlife they seek to protect, a mature bull elk is alive and back in the woods of central Washington.

According to a report in the Northwest Sportsmen, Officer Blake Tucker and Officer Will Smith removed fencing at about 9 p.m. from the antlers of the elk that caused it to become entangled around a tree. It may have been in that position for up to two days. The two wardens texted supervisor Sgt. Dan Clump that they planned to leave within the hour.

When Clump woke up early the following morning he saw an email from his officers that they stayed the night because the elk was heavily sedated and needed assistance to stay alive.

Clump said the two used logs and sticks to prop up the elk because if they didn’t, it lungs would have been crushed and the animal would have died.

“When you sedate something, you take responsibility for it,” Clump told the Northwest Sportsmen.

As the elk eventually came to, the officers helped it stand and then watched as it wandered off to eat grass.

“They went way above and beyond,” said Clump. “I’m very proud of these guys.”

(Photo source: Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife)