Elk NetworkGear 101 – Leupold RX-FULLDRAW 5

Gear 101 | December 22, 2022

Your bow is fully customized to your preferences. It’s got the right draw length, your preferred sight and the perfect stabilizer. It seems only logical that your rangefinder should be the same way. And with the Leupold Full Draw 5 laser archery rangefinder, that’s exactly what you get.

The Full Draw 5 is an advanced ballistic archery rangefinder. If you enter in your bow’s velocity, your arrow weight and peep height, it will calculate a personalized ballistic trajectory. The new model 5 is an upgrade from the Full Draw 4, allowing you to enter a wider range of velocities from 170 to 550 fps to accommodate a wider range of archers. Everyone from traditional archers to those who favor the fastest compound bows should be able to get excellent results with it.

You can range reflective objects up to 1,200 yards and trees out to 1,100 yards with unparalleled accuracy, thanks to the Digitally eNhanced Accuracy (DNA) laser engine. Calculate arrow drops out to 175 yards for those long-distance practice sessions and 3D archery courses. The Full Draw 5 also shows you your flight path, illustrating where your arrow will fly and whether it will clear the obstacles between you and your target within 85 yards.

Not only is the Full Draw 5 rangefinder personalized to you and your bow, but it’s also equipped to face any weather conditions. If it’s spitting sleet and foggier than a glass shower door, as we all know it can get in the mountains during bow season, you don’t have to worry about not being able to range your target. The Full Draw 5 is 100 percent waterproof and extreme weather tested. The Full Draw 5 is fully capable of ranging accurately in snow, rain and fog with Last Target Mode.

You don’t have to worry about this rangefinder slipping out of your hand in bad weather, either. It’s got easy-grip rubber armor and a housing designed for efficiency and comfort in the field. (Have on-camera talent tell a story of using this rangefinder in difficult weather conditions-or maybe consider putting it in a creek and doing a 5 min timelapse with a clock? Then picking it up and ranging.) When you’re hunting in the early morning and late evening, when the light is low, the Full Draw 5 display will remain bright and clear, with its high light transmission red OLED display.

At $499.99, the Full Draw 5 is the perfect tool to help you dial up your accuracy, and it performs through the toughest conditions you could imagine as a bowhunter. If you want to make sure your rangefinder is a reliable and personalized tool to help you handle whatever comes your way when you’re out in elk country, this is one worth checking out! Learn more a www.leupold.com through in any hunting scenario.

Learn more a www.leupold.com