Elk NetworkGear 101 – Sitka Mountain Optics Harness

Gear 101 | May 4, 2020

The Rhodesian Vest, or chest rig, has been used in combat since World War II. Some would argue even longer. But we’re not here to argue. We want to show you how this military staple worked its way into elk hunting with Sitka’s new Mountain Optics Harness.

Sitka’s own John Barklow spent decades in the military training various teams, including SEALs. Now, he’s the Big Game Product Manager at Sitka. He helped design the harness to make every essential item readily accessible when you need it—just like a chest rig.

“It’s completely customizable to the mission,” he says.  “Be it spring bear or a late-season elk.”

The modular style allows you to add or subtract whatever you need.  Say you’re using it on a fall archery elk hunt. You’re likely going to need rangefinder, binos, wind dope, gps or phone, and watch close by. Bear spray would be a good idea, too.

Here are some other features to note:

Low-profile harness straps are meant to fit easily under packs.

There’s a zippered stash pocket on the back of the bino pouch for tags, maps, gum, whatever. Quick-release connectors keep your glass from rolling down the mountain.Quiet, soft fabrics make for stealthy stalks.And our personal favorite, the silent magnetic flaps means there’s one less click to give you away.

Having all your essentials at your fingertips isn’t a guarantee you’ll kill an elk, but it sure doesn’t hurt.

MSRP: $149

Colors: Solid (Pyrite), Subalpine and Open Country

Learn more at: https://www.sitkagear.com/