Elk NetworkGet to know the K6s DASA 4” Target, a premium revolver

General | July 15, 2020

With the smallest cylinder capable of holding 6 rounds of .357 Magnum (also compatible with .38 Special) offered today, K6s™ compact revolvers are well-suited for backup, concealed carry and home defense. The small frame, 2-, 3- and now 4-inch barrels, and 1.39-inch diameter cylinders are machined from the finest stainless steel for superior integrity, strength, and resistance to moisture. The K6s offers important design features, including an advanced double-action trigger with a short, smooth, no-stack trigger that creates confidence while ensuring accuracy. For the DASA family, the trigger weight is 9.5-11lb in double action, and 3.25-4.25lb in single action. It’s this class-leading trigger that has sent waves of praise throughout the industry. Something not often found from wheelguns directly out of the box. Not leaving detail aside at the trigger, the same attention has been devoted to the ergonomics. Engineered to meld your grip at a certain angle and location to mitigate recoil, the K6s DASA package makes for a revolver that is fun to shoot.

2020 brings the 4″ barrel to the K6s fami­ly, featured here is the K6s DASA 4″ (Target). In addition to all the premium features found across the K6s platform, the 4” Target model wears a red fiber optic front sight, and a blacked-out serrated adjustable rear sight. For those who require a slim package with mild recoil, K6s provides the power needed for concealed carry, home protection and many other applications. Best of all, they offer unequaled Kimber quality, dependability and performance. Want to make your next trip to the range with a K6s DASA 4” Target? Head to kimberamerica.com to learn more and locate your nearest Kimber Dealer.