Elk NetworkHelp Wisconsin’s Newest Elk Herd

General | November 10, 2017

The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (DNR) needs your help. It is seeking volunteers to help set up and monitor a grid of 100 game cameras in the new elk reintroduction area in Flambeau River State Forest near Winter.

The DNR already has a similar setup in place near Black River Falls and Clam Lake to monitor the state’s first elk herd. This project is intended to provide an accurate and cost-effective system for monitoring the elk herds and assist game managers to estimate abundance, cow/bull ratios, and recruitment annually. Additionally, the photos will capture other wildlife species populations within the elk range.

Volunteers are also needed to monitor existing cameras already in place near Clam Lake and Black River Falls.

If interested, contact: Susan Frett, (608) 221-6323 or Susan.Frett@wisconsin.gov.

The Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation awarded grant funding several times over the years to assist the effort.

(Pictured is RMEF volunteer and Wisconsin state chair Jennifer Nieland)