Elk NetworkHoof Disease Committee Focuses on Future

General | August 19, 2017

With $1.52 million in funding in place from the Washington legislature, Washington State University’s elk hoof disease committee is moving ahead with efforts to try to determine the cause of elk hoof rot.

“Washington taxpayers and the Legislature made it clear, EHD (elk hoof disease) is a priority disease issue,” said Bryan Slinker, WSU College of Veterinary Medicine dean. “Together they fully funded a research program for WSU and from here on it’s time to get to work and develop some answers.”

WSU is hiring a new research scientist and relying on research faculty from the Washington Animal Disease Diagnostic Laboratory and the Department of Veterinary Microbiology and Pathology as well as fiscal and communication staff. The effort will continue to coordinate with the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife, Washington Department of Agriculture, Native America tribes and other agencies to assist the work.

The Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation provided funding for past studies and remains in contact with key wildlife officials regarding the issue.

(Photo source: Washing ton Department of Fish and Wildlife)