Elk NetworkHow To Master Elk Bugles

Hunting | August 10, 2018

Learning to replicate elk sounds and having a comprehensive understanding of what elk sounds mean, will help increase your success in the field. Having the ability to create a wide variety of elk sounds your calling can literally set the tone for how the elk react around you. Just because you have not heard bulls fired up and bugling with the frenzy of the rut does not mean that you can’t tell the “story” of that scenario and have a real bull want to come in for some of the action.
There are many variations of elk bugles that all mean something. There are three main versions of the location bugle- one note, two note, and three note, the display bugle, challenge bugle and two variations in chuckles. By learning the sounds that elk make, you can begin to identify the emotion and behavior that corresponds with what you are hearing.
The dance between a rutting bull elk and a hunter is absolutely magical. You are listening to what he is telling you with his bugles and movement, as you plan your stalk to close the gap of distance. Knowing when to call and when to remain silent can help you close that gap and allow you to dance your way into the kill zone.
Rockie Jacobsen of Rocky Mountain Hunting calls and I invite you to listen along and replicate these basic bull sounds until you master them for yourself. The best lessons in calling are done in the field, so get practiced up and call in your dream bull this elk season.