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Sponsored Content | July 11, 2024

When a shooter or hunter purchases a new scope and it comes time to mount it to a rifle, the myriad of ring options available can make things confusing. Let’s walk through some considerations so you can choose the right scope rings for your needs. Here at Warne® Scope Mounts, we think these are the four basic questions that need to be answered when selecting scope rings.



Rifle scopes come in all shapes and sizes, so knowing the scope specification in advance can save a potential headache. The key specs you need to know are the scope tube diameter (1”, 30mm, 34mm, 35mm, 36mm, or 40mm) which is critical for selecting the proper ring size, and the objective lens diameter. The objective lens diameter will help you estimate what ring height is needed. One quick note about the objective lens diameter – when an optics manufacturer lists the scope objective lens diameter, that is the diameter of the lens itself, it is not the outside diameter of the scope. So, if it is a 3-9×40, the outside diameter of the scope will be more like 48mm to account for the tube thickness. Just be aware of any added thickness to the objective diameter like an adjustable objective or lens caps. Warne offers scope rings for all tube sizes and a variety of heights to ensure the perfect fit.



Are you shooting a sleek and lightweight bolt action hunting rifle, a semi-auto AR style rifle, or something else? Being that those rifles are very different, they have different needs when it comes to selecting the proper rings. Take note of the rifle style, the barrel contour, bolt lift or handle design and what style of scope base will be used. Is it a picatinny rail or 2-piece weaver style bases? Some rifles have the scope bases machined into the receiver and require unique mounts to fit. Warne not only has a wide selection of scope bases and ring sizes, but also ring styles to fit proprietary mounts like Ruger, Tikka and CZ.



Is this rifle and scope going to be used for backcountry elk hunting in the mountains? Is it a range toy? Do you use this rifle for competitive shooting or tactical use? Is weight a concern? How you intend on using a rifle can help narrow down your required features when selecting scope rings. For instance, if I am using this rifle on a backcountry mountain elk hunt, I may look at something like the Warne Mountain Tech™ rings. Mountain Tech features 7075 billet aluminum construction for high strength and light weight and stainless-steel hardware for corrosion resistance.



Scope rings can vary greatly in price depending on materials and features. Be sure to not only select rings that fit the scope, rifle and shooter needs but also your budget. Luckily Warne has scope mounts at several different price points to ensure you can find a product that fits your needs.


Ultimately, if you have answered these questions and you still cannot decide what rings to buy, head over to warnescopemounts.com where you can find additional resources like our Scope Ring Filter and other information that can help guide you to the right product.

At Warne, we’re passionate about designing, manufacturing and selling world-class, made in USA products to give you Confidence In Every Shot®!

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