Elk NetworkInformation Sought in Two Idaho Elk Poaching Cases

General | December 3, 2021

For 2022, Fiocchi partnered with the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation to increase the visibility of poaching incidents in an effort to reduce poaching nationwide.

The Idaho Department of Fish and Game needs your help solving two elk poaching cases roughly 400 miles apart.

The first incident (above photo) took place approximately 60 miles south and east of Boise where someone shot and killed a cow elk about 40 feet off Anderson Ranch Road in Unit 44 half a mile south of the 134c Forest Service Road. Officers believe it happened around November 10 or 11, 2021.

The investigating officer found a gut pile from another elk, as well as drag marks and tire tracks only 150 feet away. If you have any information, call (208) 316-2415 or 1-(800) 632-5999. Go here to see additional images of the scene.

The second incident happened near Heyburn State Park in the northern part of the state. Authorities report someone shot and killed a 6×6 bull elk and left the meat to waste on Nov. 12 or 13. Call (208) 916-6871 or call the Citizens Against Poaching hotline at 1-(800) 632-5999 if you have any information. Go here for additional details.

(Photo credit: Idaho Department of Fish and Game)