Elk NetworkKeeping the Family Tradition Alive

General | June 27, 2017

Every year, my grandpa took my dad hunting in Colorado. Now my dad takes me to the same spot on public land to hunt without guides. I’ve been there for the last four years, but this was my first bull elk. It was really fun to shoot.

Last fall, I drew a tag for rifle season and we drove to Colorado. By our third day hunting, we really didn’t have good luck. We were in a hard spot. So we went to this other spot where we had hunted three years before. Then, it just happened. We spotted the herd of elk and all of a sudden, the bull walked out from behind some cows. I shot it and it dropped in its tracks. The weather was really nice which made for easier hunting and a better time outdoors.

I like to hunt because it gives us food to put on the table for our family to eat. It is a sport I grew up around, just like fishing and baseball, so I plan to keep the Colorado tradition going.
Shawn Fullen
Age 15
Braggs, Oklahoma

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