Elk NetworkLeica Sport Optics Introduces New L-4w reticle for Amplus 6 riflescopes

Sponsored Content | October 30, 2023

Leica Sport Optics is pleased to announce the release of its latest reticle for the Amplus 6 line of riflescopes, the L-4w (MOA) which is available at retailers now for all scopes in the family including the: 3-18x44i, 2.5-15x50i, and 2.5-15x56i. The L-4w(MOA) is designed for the discerning hunter or marksman providing a crystal-clear edge-to-edge uncluttered sight picture with wind holds in MOA. This allows shooters to confidently dial for elevation and hold for the wind speed needed at any given moment.

L-4w (MOA) reticle

“The introduction of the L-4w (MOA) reticle underscores Leica’s dedication to providing shooters, hunters, and marksmen with optics that seamlessly blend versatility and precision,” said Daniel Esquinas, interim director of Leica Sport Optics USA. “This simplified reticle retains the exceptional clarity and accuracy Leica is known for, while offering shooters an intuitive and distraction-free shooting experience.”

Models include:

50201              Amplus 6 3-18x44i L-4w BDC (MOA)

50301              Amplus 6 2.5-15×50 I L-4w (MOA)

50401              Amplus 6 2.5-15x56i L-4w (MOA)



Leica Sport Optics has a longstanding reputation for producing high-quality optics that meet the demands of outdoor enthusiasts and sportsmen. The L-4w reticle is the latest example of their commitment to delivering innovative solutions that enhance the shooting experience.


For more information about the L-4w reticle and Leica Amplus 6 riflescopes, please visit: leica-camera.com/leica-amplus-6