Elk NetworkLocked Up Elk Found Dead in Nebraska Pond

General | November 1, 2018

It was a sad sight indeed. Ranchers in north-central Nebraska found two mature bull elk with locked antlers. They apparently died after drowning in a pond on their property.

“We had a bit of a tragedy,” Kendra Brinkman, rancher, said in a YouTube video. “We’ve known that these elk have been here, but dad was up here a day or so ago to check cattle and happened to see their antlers sticking up.”

According to the Omaha World-Herald, one bull rough-scored 360 and the other scored 335. Because of the heat and the amount of time that passed before the discovery, none of the meat was salvageable.

Go here to watch a video of the ranchers removing the elk from the pond.

(Photo source: Kendra Brinkman/Pitzer Ranch)