Elk NetworkLuera Peak Access, New Mexico

Conservation | November 3, 2017

The number-one reason why most people stop hunting is they don’t have a place to hunt. That’s why one of the main facets of the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation’s conservation mission is to open, secure and improve public access. You want a perfect example? This is Luera Road in west-central New Mexico. RMEF and its partners joined ranks to provide funding a for continual two-mile right-of-way road easement that provides access to 52,000 acres of outlying public and State Trust Lands. Without it, access would stop right here for hunters and others. The high desert landscape of the Luera Mountains is home to thousands of elk. It’s also prime habitat for deer, black bear, mountain lion, wild turkey and many other species. Creating and maintaining public access is often a collaborative effort. And that’s exactly what you have here. The Luera Peak access project stands as yet another testimony to RMEF’s commitment to conserving wild places and highlights how Hunting Is Conservation.

Credits to:
Luera Peak Project Funding Partners
Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation
New Mexico Department of Game and Fish
New Mexico State Land Office