Elk NetworkMeet Your New Regional Directors January 2023

Volunteer News | January 23, 2023

Name: Deanna Ackerman

State/Region: Nevada

Family (two-legged or four): My husband Vince, our wild little boy Lee, my retired hunting black lab Dixie and Elko, the Great Pyrenees.

Favorite outdoor activities: Anything that gets my family outdoors enjoying nature and our public lands. We love to hunt, fish, hike, ski and occasionally play a really ugly round of golf!

Goals for your state/region: To continue to support Team Nevada’s efforts, grow our volunteer team and help us expand our contributions to conservation as a state.

Why did you want to work for RMEF: My passion for the outdoors had led me to get an education in and pursue a career in wildlife conservation, so when the opportunity arose to join the RMEF team, I could not have imagined a better position to  continue contributing to habitat stewardship, educational programs and wildlife conservation efforts in my home state. What drives me in our mission is being able to help ensure the passions I have found in my life are protected and improved upon for my son and future generations to experience as well.


Name: Chad Bowen

State/Region: Louisiana/Arkansas/Oklahoma

Family (two-legged or four) My wife Lee, son TJ, daughters Lauren and Christian, and two grandsons Kaiden and Bowen.

Favorite outdoor activities: I love all hunting and fishing, but turkey hunting and bass fishing are my favorites.

Goals for your state/region: I would like to double the events and net income of my region.

Why did you want to work for RMEF: I believe in the same principles as RMEF—wildlife conservation, habitat enhancement and maintaining our hunting traditions. I heard a quote years ago that I’ve tried to emulate throughout my adult life:  “A society grows great when old men plant trees in whose shade they shall never sit.” We’ve got to leave it better than we found it!


Name: Zach Goldberg

State/Region: Florida/Georgia/Mississippi/Alabama/Western Tennessee

Family (two-legged or four): My wife Alyssa and two dogs, Garth and Reba.

Favorite outdoor activities: I really enjoy duck and turkey hunting in the Florida Swamps. It’s like taking a step back in time as you navigate your way through the cypress dodging gators and mosquitos along the way.

Goals for your state/region: To grow my profit center and take it to new heights. Although there are not currently many Elk in this region, it is just as important to invest it it’s future. We are here for the deer, turkey and ducks just as much as the elk. Just as our mission statement states ensuring the future of elk, other wildlife, their habitat and our hunting heritage.

Why did you want to work for RMEF: I really enjoy the mission behind the work. I have been hunting my entire life. Hunting traditions and what comes along with were instilled in me at young at. There is nothing better than sitting at the duck club with my grandfather hearing stories about his experiences throughout the years. There was a light bulb moment for me during my college career, all of a sudden I realized there were organizations out there that were wanting to preserve that! Fast forward to today- where my passion for wildlife, conservation and protecting my hunting heritage has only grown.  Having the opportunity to impact a region where my roots run deep is a very special thing.

Name: Cory Toombs

State/Region: Northern Oregon

Family (two-legged or four): My family consist of my wife Missy, daughter Blakely, son and (four-legged) Hudson (Black Lab/German Sheppard mix).

Favorite outdoor activities: Hunting! If I’m not chasing bugles, I want to be in a remote area. Just me and nature.

Goals for your state/region: My goal is to absorb as much information from the people before me. The people who, for years, have been laying the ground work. From there, I want to partner with volunteers and Daniel Beraldo (Regional Director – Southern Oregon) to take the state to new heights. I’m competitive, I want to help Oregon break the state fundraising record, no doubt about it.

Why did you want to work for RMEF: My daughter will be six in April and with recent events across the country and world, I started thinking more and more about the future. I want my daughter and my daughter’s future children to have the same freedom to hunt and fish as we do today. Before joining RMEF, if I wasn’t working, I was thinking about elk. Now that I’m here at RMEF, I can take my skill set and apply it to ensuring the future of elk, elk habitat and the tradition of hunting.