Elk NetworkPresident’s Letter to Volunteers

Volunteer News | August 20, 2012

President’s Letter to Volunteers


Dear RMEF Volunteer,

For the first time in RMEF history, annual labor donated by RMEF volunteers last year exceeded $17 million in total value. We’re on pace for even more in 2012.

There is no thank you big enough to express what your dedication, enthusiasm and amazing service means to the RMEF mission.

As an RMEF volunteer, you’re part of a team that has conserved more than 6.7 million acres of habitat, secured public access for current and future generations of hunters, restored elk herds to six (and soon to be seven) states and provinces, and delivered a positive message about hunting and conservation to millions of Americans. You’ve hosted banquets and other fundraisers, sold memberships, rolled up and removed untold miles of old fencing, built guzzlers, assisted with research and left your mark on elk country in countless other ways.

Because you’re leaning into the RMEF harness, together we’ve become one of the most effective conservation organizations in the world.

On behalf of all Americans who appreciate elk and other wildlife, wild country and traditional outdoor lifestyles, thanks for all you do!

Best regards,