Elk NetworkNew to Hunting? Live in Wisconsin? Then Go Here to Learn How to Do It

General | August 23, 2019

Try your hand at hunting through the Department of Natural Resources Learn to Hunt program.

Learn to Hunt combines classroom and field instruction for beginners before pairing participants with an experienced hunter. Participants will learn hunting rules and regulations, sportsmanship and ethical hunter behavior, and basic gun safety.

“Providing opportunities like this for people who would not otherwise have the chance to explore hunting is key in preserving Wisconsin’s hunting heritage,” said Emily Iehl, DNR Learn to Hunt coordinator. “As more people move to cities and suburbs, it’s important to share hunting as a way to remain connected with wild spaces and as a source of local, sustainably-raised protein.”

Help protect Wisconsin’s hunting heritage and enjoy the thrill of helping someone experience their first hunt by hosting a Learn to Hunt. The streamlined process makes it easy for your group to host these events. The DNR can help cover costs and assist you in finding insurance.

Find more information about the program here.

(Photo source: Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources)