Elk NetworkNosler Making Noise with New Line of Suppressors

General , Sponsored Content | February 7, 2022

It doesn’t take a keen eye to have noticed the growing popularity of suppressors. The number of manufacturers has grown substantially over the past decade, with most focusing on the tactical benefits of the sound-suppressing devices.

But when a brand as entrenched in hunting as Nosler announces a new line of suppressors, it makes you take notice. With no surprise, Nosler is targeting hunters with these new cans, and when you get right down to it, there are a lot of great reasons to use a suppressor in the field.

There’s the obvious noise mitigation and hearing protection that comes with the use of a suppressor. And, despite what Hollywood or the antigun community may claim, the suppressed rifle still makes noise, but suppressors lower the decibel ratings to safer levels.


But there are also benefits in the way of perceived recoil abatement, improved accuracy through reduced flinching and less noise pollution overall.

With suppressors covering .22 to .30 calibers (including the Nosler calibers in that range), the new line of cans covers the most popular hunting calibers. For high volume hunters, like varmint or predator hunters, Nosler offers all-titanium models for durability. Whereas for backcountry or high-altitude hunters, where weight is a real factor, there are titanium and aluminum hybrids that shave off the weight while maintaining sound reduction.


Finally, by containing that jet of hot gasses that typically follow the bullet out of the barrel, suppressors allow for a more controlled and slow expansion. While this is mainly for the purposes of preventing the loud “BANG” of the shot, it also reduces the kick associated with large calibers such as the .300 Win Mag. This allows for better follow-through on the shot and quicker follow-up shots, which are both key in hunting.

The days of looking at suppressors only as tactical tools are long gone, and Nosler’s new cans are worth a look if you’re serious about hunting.