Elk NetworkRMEF Supports ESA Modifications

General | August 16, 2019

The Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation supports efforts to streamline and improve the Endangered Species Act (ESA) recently announced by the U.S. Department of Interior.

“The best way to uphold the Endangered Species Act is to do everything we can to ensure it remains effective in achieving its ultimate goal—recovery of our rarest species. The Act’s effectiveness rests on clear, consistent and efficient implementation,” said Secretary Bernhardt. “An effectively administered Act ensures more resources can go where they will do the most good: on-the-ground conservation.”

More specifically, RMEF supports ESA modernization including provisions to increase state consultation and participation in species recovery. RMEF strongly believes state wildlife agencies are fully capable of managing species deemed recovered by the DOI —particularly gray wolves and grizzly bears.

ESA listing decisions should be based on best available science and commercial data. Yet, reasonable limits should be established to post-listing reviews when new information becomes available. RMEF also has significant concerns about the alarming number of ESA lawsuits brought by organizations seeking to obstruct forest management projects—especially those designed to improve wildlife habitat. Public notification of ESA settlements and awards and reasonable limits to attorney fees for ESA challenges should be established.

(Photo source: Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation)