Elk NetworkRoadkill Moose Donated to School, Students Process, Eat It

General | October 21, 2017

Of the people. By the people. And for the people…the hungry people in the school cafeteria.

It turns out a driver struck and killed a moose near Haines, Alaska, which is about 90 miles north of Juneau. The Facebook post from Haines Borough High School says it all:

One of the great things about small Alaskan schools is that sometimes we can drop everything when an opportunity arises. Last night a moose was struck on the road and the carcass was donated to the school lunch program.

The students of Mrs. Boron’s American Government class have sprung into action and are currently processing the moose for the food program. Soon our students will be having moose stew, moose burgers, moose tacos, and many other incredible creations from Brandie Stickler and the food service staff.

What a great learning opportunity for our students and on Camo Day of all days!