Elk NetworkSay ‘Cheese,’ Help Wisconsin Monitor Its Wildlife

General | July 18, 2023

How do Wisconsin wildlife species interact? One of the best ways to find out is using trail cameras. And you can help!

Snapshot Wisconsin uses trail cameras to better understand wildlife populations and animal behavior that might be otherwise difficult to observe, such as the fawn and poults above taking a stroll together.

More than 1,800 volunteers host these trail cameras on both private and public land, checking the cameras every few months. These photos are valuable data that is used to inform wildlife management decisions.

Trail cameras are provided by the program, so all volunteers need to do is set up their camera and wait. After swapping SD cards during camera checks, volunteers upload pictures to their Snapshot profiles where they, along with thousands of other volunteers across the globe, classify the animals captured in the photos.

The Snapshot Wisconsin program creates opportunities for you to get to know your wild neighbors while also contributing to a growing database that impacts Wisconsin wildlife management. To apply for a trail camera, visit Snapshot Wisconsin’s application here.

(Photo credit: Wisconsin Department of Wildlife Resources)