Elk NetworkSee Wild Elk in Utah

General | November 26, 2018

Another chance to ride a horse-drawn sleigh or wagon through the middle of hundreds of wild elk is almost here.

To celebrate the start of another elk-viewing season, staff at the Hardware Ranch Wildlife Management Area will hold the ranch’s annual Elk Festival on Dec. 8. Activities run from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

As of Nov. 20, elk hadn’t entered the meadow through which the sleighs or wagons are pulled, but Hardware Ranch WMA Manager Brad Hunt says they’re nearby. “I can hear them talking in the evenings,” he says.

Except for a fee to ride through the elk herd ($5 for those 9 years of age or older, or $3 for those 4 to 8 years old), all of the festival activities are free.

You can reach Hardware Ranch by traveling 16 miles east of Hyrum on state Route 101.

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