Elk NetworkThe Best-Selling Weatherby Backcountry™ 2.0, Now Even Better

Sponsored Content | August 18, 2022

The all new 338 WBY RPM cartridge was built to take advantage of Weatherby’s smaller six-lug Mark V® action in the Backcountry™ 2.0 Ti.



The Backcountry™ 2.0 Ti chambered in Weatherby’s new 338 WBY RPM features a short 18”  barrel. It is the ultimate combination of balance, weight, and magnum performance, which is ideal for large game in the backcountry.

The Backcountry™ 2.0 Ti Carbon chambered in 338 WBY RPM takes the ultra-lightweight Backcountry rifles and features a 20” carbon fiber barrel at minimal weight increase, creating maximum big-bore performance in a 5 pound rifle. With the added advantages of stringing more shots with tighter grouping, the Backcountry™ 2.0 Ti Carbon is everything a hardcore hunter could want while also offering advantages for the guy who wants to hit the range with less cooling time between shots.

Learn more about the Weatherby Backcountry™  2.0 Ti Carbon here.