Elk NetworkThrowback Video: Wyoming Hunters Rescue Cow Elk

General | March 29, 2018

It was late in the 2009 hunting season near Cody, Wyoming. A group of five elk hunters came across a full-grown cow elk stuck in a hole in a frozen-over creek. It could’ve been the easiest way ever to fill a tag but they believe in fair chase hunting so their focus changed from hunting to rescue.

“That’s not what you do,” said Ron Niziolek, RMEF life member and hunter. “It’s not sporting. It’s not a hunt. You meet the same elk on different terms, it’s a different story.”

The guys, all related, were successful in freeing the cow after three attempts and a whole lot of effort!

“I love wildlife and I love being close to them like that. Being able to help them out like that is a family memory that will definitely last a lifetime,” said Niziolek.