Elk NetworkUtah Wildlife Board Approves 2019 Big Game Hunts

General | May 7, 2019

The Utah Wildlife Board recently approved the 2019 big game hunting permit numbers, as well as several new hunts.

The recommended number of hunting permits each year is based on a few factors.

“There is always an opportunity vs. quality debate when it comes to managing wildlife, but for us, biology and the health of the herd is a big priority,” said Covy Jones, Utah Division of Wildlife Resources DWR big game coordinator. “As a result, plans are an essential part of effective wildlife management.”

Below is the total number of elk permits approved for 2019:

2018 2019
General any bull elk 15,000 15,000
General spike bull elk 15,000 15,000
Cow elk 10,753 9,635
Youth any bull elk 500 500
Limited-entry bull elk 2,876 2,938

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(Photo source: Utah Division of Wildlife Resources)