Elk NetworkWatch: Grizzlies Swim in Deep Waters of Remote Montana Lake

General | May 21, 2019

Lake Frances in northwest Montana is known for its walleye and northern pike fishing, not so much for grizzly bears. But that is exactly what boaters recently saw out on the water.

Chelsea Alfson recently captured video of two grizzlies about 300 yards from the shoreline.

“We checked the depth on our fish finder out there and the water was 27 feet deep where they were,” Alfson told KBZK-TV. “They didn’t want anything to do with us, just kept swimming. When we drove away we continued watching them through binoculars and they swam all the way to the other shore.”

Lake Frances is just east of Glacier National Park, approximately 80 northwest of Great Falls.

(Video source: Chelsea Alfson)