Elk NetworkWildlife Worker Recovering from Bear Attack

General | May 23, 2018

A field assistant working her first week on the job with U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is out of intensive care at a Kalispell, Montana, hospital after being attacked by a bear.

The bear came up behind Amber Kornak and attacked her in the remote Cabinet Mountains of northwestern Montana. Kornak deployed her bear spray causing it to run away but not before leaving her with wounds in her head, neck and back.

Kornak kept her wits about her and managed to hike two miles back to her vehicle before driving to seek medical attention.

“It’s really a testament to the kind of person she is,” Jenna Hemer, a friend of Kornak, told KTVQ-TV. “She is so strong and so loving and so compassionate in everything she does.

Authorities are yet to determine if the bear was a grizzly or a black bear.

(Photo source: GoFundMe)