Elk NetworkWyoming Hunters May Receive License Refunds Due to Wildfire

General | October 9, 2020

Below is a news release from the Wyoming Game and Fish Department. If there are wildfires in a state where you purchased a hunting license, check with the state wildlife agency for the latest conditions as well as the possibility of refunds.

Resident and nonresident hunters with specific license types in the area of the Mullen Creek Fire in the Medicine Bow National Forest may be eligible for either a license reservation or refund due to limited access in the Snowy Range.

The Mullen Creek fire began on Sept. 17 in the Savage Run Wilderness area approximately 40 miles southwest of Laramie. The U.S. Forest Service has implemented an area closure around the fire to ensure protection of the public and fire personnel. This area closure will remain in effect until rescinded by the U.S. Forest Service.

Wyoming Game and Fish Commission Chapter 44 regulation allows a license holder to request a license reservation or a license refund when the Department determines licenses cannot be used for a good cause due to a natural disaster, including wildfire. Hunters who have certain deer, elk, or moose licenses for the affected area will receive a letter and an email, provided the Department has a license holder email address on file, with additional information about refunds.

License holders for Moose Hunt Areas 38/41, and Deer Area 78, Type 1 will have the option to request a license reservation (carryover) for 2021, a refund, or utilize their moose or deer license this fall. Cow/calf elk hunters in Elk Hunt Areas 9 and 110 can only request a refund on their Type 6 license.  Laramie Regional Wildlife Supervisor Matt Withroder says, “There are still many thousands of acres available within these hunt areas if hunters choose to use their license this fall. But for those who are impacted by this situation, we want you to know your options.”  Please refer to the letter/email for specific deadlines for license reservation (carryover) and refunds for each species. Note: Chapter 44 does not allow reduced price Type 6 licenses to be carried over to the next season, and hunters with general deer or elk licenses are not eligible for a refund. Preference points will be reinstated if a refund is granted to nonresident hunters, and anyone who receives a refund will be eligible to purchase a preference point for 2020.

All hunters requesting a license refund or carryover must complete and sign the “Sportsperson License Review Request” form and the “Attest to Not Hunting” form. Both forms will be included with the letter and must be returned with the physical, unused, and unaltered license with all coupons intact by the deadline. If you have questions regarding license reservations or refunds, please contact Jennifer Doering at (307) 777-4517 or jennifer.doering@wyo.gov.

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(Photo source: InciWeb/Medicine Bow-Routt National Forest)