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Conservation , onX Public Access | December 12, 2017

Sometimes, just getting to where you want to go is the toughest part.

Take the scenic and sprawling Missouri River Breaks region of north-central Montana. It is prime habitat for elk and other wildlife but access to certain portions of it is nearly impossible at best.

Thanks to a 93-acre land transaction brokered by the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, the door to 6,000 acres of previously difficult-to-reach public land in the Breaks is permanently open. 

Before the project, hunters, hikers and others had to hoof it more than two miles to reach Bureau of Land Management land. Now they can walk in or if on horseback, have access to thousands of additional acres of additional public land.

How did it happen? An access-conscious RMEF member found out about the property and notified headquarters which did the rest.

Opening and improving public access lies at the heart of RMEF’s conservation mission.

To learn more about RMEF access projects in your area, turn on the RMEF layer in the onX Hunt App to view project sites and boundaries.