Elk NetworkWhy Hunting Is Conservation – CWD Deer Hunt

Conservation | December 12, 2017

Hunters Have Long Been the biggest supporters of land and wildlife conservation.

Excise taxes on their ammunition and gear, revenue generated from hunting licenses and fees, and donations to conservation groups like the Rocky Mountain Elk foundation fund conservation work from coast-to-coast.

Hunters also answer the call and take action in times of conservation crisis.

One of those times is right now, here in Montana.

For the first time in state history, Chronic Wasting Disease, or CWD, was officially documented within its borders after the harvesting of several CWD-positive deer in October and November.

CWD is a progressive, deadly neurological disease for deer, elk and moose that led-to steep declines in wildlife populations in other states.

Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks acted Quickly. With a plan previously drafted, it sought and received approval to hold a special CWD hunt. The goal is to gather enough different whitetail and mule deer samples in order to determine the prevalence and distribution of the disease.

Hunters stepped up and purchased all 1,200 licenses in less than three hours and are-right now-in the field seeking to harvest deer and provide those much needed samples so scientist and biologist can carry out this vital, time-sensitive research.

Findings from the tested samples will give wildlife managers the knowledge they need to best act in combating the disease for the overall sake of current and future wildlife populations.

Contributing funding, providing support and answering the call to take action when needed to benefit of our wildlife population- all proof of how Hunting is Conservation.

Cinematography by Jason Matzinger