Elk NetworkSetting Up for Elk Hunting Success – In the Zone (Episode 3)

Hunting | April 11, 2019

Welcome to “In the Zone”, the new video series from Elk101! In this series, Corey Jacobsen breaks down real elk calling scenarios, and details what tactics and strategies were used, as well as what could have been used, to maximize elk calling success.

In this Episode (Episode 3), Corey revisits an amazing morning of elk action in Idaho during the filming of the Destination Elk video series. After climbing nearly 2000 vertical feet with Corey and Donnie, hunt winner Tommy Davis was worn out. But he pushed himself to make it up the mountain to the bedding area, and the guys arrived just as the elk were settling in for the day. With two bulls answering the calls, Tommy and Donnie moved ahead to set up, hoping one of the bulls would come down the hill and into their shooting lane.

If you’ve ever wanted a play-by-play breakdown of actual elk calling setups to help you become a more successful elk caller, “In the Zone” by Elk101.com is the series you’ve been waiting for!


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