Elk NetworkLlamas Will Extend My Backcountry Elk Hunting Days – Randy Newberg

Hunting | August 30, 2018

For hunters who are wondering how many days of backcountry elk hunting they have ahead, llamas can extend that time frame. Good llamas are low maintenance, reliable, docile, and can carry more than you imagine. If you can still hike, a string of llamas can take the weight from your back and give you more days in the elk mountains.

This episode with Randy Newberg features Beau Baty, owner of Wilderness Ridge Trail Llamas. In addition to outfitting and guiding summer backcountry trips, Beau rents llamas to hunters in the fall hunting season. A seasoned backcountry hunter, Beau knows what a hunter needs in llamas.

You can learn more about Wilderness Ridge Trail llamas here – http://wildernessridgetrailllamas.com/

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